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Best Co. Ltd. is one of the leading training, consulting, and promoting Companies in Vietnam. Best Co. is integrated by a Group of internationally-recognized Professors, top Lecturers, leading Experts, Business Coaches, Law Advisors, and experienced Professionals in areas of Business, Management, Economics, Laws, and Entrepreneurship.

Best Co. is very proud that Best members have accumulated the substantial experiences in various industries and branches. Our members provided consultancy and/or advisory work to more than 100 companies and trained more than 1000 CEOs and managers over the country. Many Best Members and Associates held (or currently hold) managerial or top positions at businesses, companies, and organizations. Best members and associates accumulated the experience in more than 40 countries around the World. Best -together- speak 6 Languages as working languages (English, French, German, Russian, Japanese, and Vietnamese).  

Best Co. has five functional Centers for Training (BTC), Consulting (BCC), International Programs (BIC), Job Advancement (BJC), and Start-up and Entrepreneurship (BEC). Best - in collaboration with leading universities and organizations in Vietnam and other countries - provides Top qualified Corporate Training and Consulting as well as International Programs, among others. Best also supports the Collaboration as well as facilitates the Connections, selects Partners between Vietnam's companies and companies in other Countries and Continentals, based on Best's substantial networks and mass linkages, globally.

Best is aimed at promoting Vietnamese businesses and corporations for a steadily growing and advancing development. Further, Best is expected to contribute to the upgrading of Vietnam's economic position, globally.


Best for the Future! 

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