Things you have already known and not yet known about BEST and the Members of BEST do you know and have not yet known about BEST and the Members of BEST? 5 Things you probably have already known about the activities of the BEST and 5 Things you likely have not yet known about the dynamic Members from operation activities of the Best Office. Best would be to introduce those to you and colleagues on the Best Establishing Day, 28/03.


The idea of founding BEST was begun in the Spring 2010 in Cambridge, Massachusetts (USA), where the leading universities - Harvard University and MIT Institute of Technology - are together located. All discussion and preparation with foreign partners, discussion with colleagues and associates, planning, and personnel search started since then, but until 28/03/2011- one year later - Best began the operation in Vietnam. BEST, said - according to folklore - was conceived in the United States in 2010 and born in Vietnam in 2011, thus.

Best was formed in Cambridge, MA, the City of Harvard and MIT.

Unlike many other businesses and organizations, the training and consulting organizations are essentially based on professional capitals, i.e. the knowledge, expertise, and reputation of professors, lecturers, experts, and consultants. BEST is very glad to receive the collaborative and enthusiastic support from many colleagues and institutions in Vietnam and abroad. A common hope - all want to collaborate to foster business training and consulting with a desire to contribute actively to elevate Vietnam's enterprises and businesses. Our desire is to see Vietnam's new position on the map of the World's economy. The Best's Slogan - a consensus from all members, full-time and part-time - "Best for the Future" was born.

The searching for lecturers, experts, professionals, colleagues and friends, who have the reputation, professional expertise, business and management practice, or higher education from leading universities around the world is not much difficult, however the Best's founding team faced challenges in finding suitable colleagues for daily operation activities. As every startup company encounters the difficulties in recruiting first staff, the founding team experienced the challenges and gradually passed through to get the first members, who are not only colleagues, not only hand-in-hand brothers and sisters, but also the  members investing efforts and passions into the operation and supporting the Best's plans realized.


On the occasion of BEST Birth - two years (the oriental age since the Creator made:-) and one year of presence in Vietnam, BEST would like to introduce 5 Things that you probably have already known about BEST and 5 Things, which you likely have not yet known about the BEST and the Best's members in the operating office - the members who have made BEST starting to take-off.

Five things you probably have already known about the BEST:  


1. Organizational Philosophy of BEST

Besides the organizational culture emphasized on Democracy-Innovation, Cooperation-Truth, Reputation-Development, BEST is where members (we) pursue what we want and have passions, with the people we like, and we share benefits and long-term prosperity.

2. BEST Successful Model

The name of Best is the merger of four letters (B, E, S, T) implying BEST successful model of this Century, that is the convergence/integration of Business, Entrepreneurship, Skills and Technology. It is an applicable model for leaders, managers, or businesses, even countries.

3. BEST Training Method

The triangle consolidated Knowledge-Skills-Experience to adapt to Practice is the approach of the Best training, derived from actual observations of successful models. BEST uses "language" of the practice-oriented application and transmit a successful application in practice.

4. Win-Win Cooperation

Win-Win is not simply to share a constant value, rather is to find many creative options to increase the mutual benefits of working together. BEST develops toward the growing expansion with partners and associations in long-term cooperation, bringing mutual benefits to the partners involved.

5. Innovation

Democracy & Innovation is one of the typical cultural features of the BEST. The members always find creative and innovative solutions, build up creative teams, and make renewal what could have been better. BEST awards The Best Innovator for members owning many creative ideas and innovation.


And below are the 5 things that you likely have not yet known about the Members from Operation Team. BEST activities are based on a mixing combination of full-time staff, part-time staff, collaborators, associates, experts, and mentors. The most excellent members who have made the operation successful ....


 1. Full Efforts despite of Busy Schedule a lot of work and social activities in the schedule as well as assuming many responsibilities at home and at work, NhungPTH always maintained full efforts  in supporting BEST. Surprisingly, despite of getting numerous calls ... and having a long list of works to complete, Nhung still arranges timeplan well and fulfills the tasks with brighten smiles. came to BEST before it's operating presence in Vietnam and has won the BEST Member of 2011 Theme (The Theme of 2011 is Startup). Congratulations, Nhung!


2.       A Silent Contributor for the Success of the Web a few months started online, the Best's Web attracts increasingly readers and gets some hundreds viewers daily, many articles have been rated very useful and practical, they are the first translated into Vietnamese (compared with websites in Vietnamese). Few people know that the great success comes from a silent member, QuatPT. Quat continuously searches and gets experience from many people, exchanges ideas, makes adjustments and applies effective solutions the the Best's Web.

The member often constructing successfully Webs before transferring to colleagues, along with her outstanding contribution since the establishment of BEST, has been recognized and become the owner of the Honor Award The Best of the BEST 2011 . Congratulations, Quat!  


3.       Enjoying the Work more than Roses weekly a ICT Group to join the BEST in Training and Career Services, HaTN is an optimistic person and always makes colleagues cheerful. The MC of the Establishment Anniversary in 2012 led the Program perfectly as a MC professional from TV Channels. Ha's motto is "working the best and having fun".

Often receiving a bunch of beautiful roses every week, personally delivered to  her office, but the work, the challenges and the work environment at Best are driving forces - Ha,The Best New Comer, being cheerful and happy to share.  


4. Two Foreign Languages? ​​- Yes, I can:-)'s customers always feel comfortable and pleasant by the conversations with MaiLQ - the member has thoughtful, calm attitudes and effective listening skills. Few people know that, Mai besides having impressive online communication skills can use fluently two foreign languages, English and German. Mai was on the list of   outstanding students honored on the occasion of the Germany's Delegation led by the Germany's Prime Minister visiting Vietnam several years ago.

The Best's Web is well maintained in English and German with the contribution of Mai. "Communications and transactions in two foreign languages?" "Yes, I can":-)


5. Going with BEST on many Flights BEST since the beginning and often serving the critical position to debate the proposed plans of the founding team, OanhNH has talents and professional expertise for considering problems from different perspectives and always looking at present-future effects. The outstanding talents and expertise make the USA promoting Oanh's study and research at Harvard Law School.

Oanh came to the BEST team when the founding idea flashed in Cambridge and was busy with selecting the location for BEST, Vietnam or the US, EU, as well as deciding a suitable organizational model. Although often travelling to the US and EU and having a series of consultative activities, Oanh goes along with BEST and prepares relevant exchanges and materials, even when flying in the Sky. 


BEST is fortunate and very proud of such great and wonderful Members. the Occasion of BEST Day 2012, BEST would like to express great appreciations and sincere thanks to all Members and Families, Collaborators, Colleagues, Friends, Associates, and Partners for the significant support and contribution to develop BEST with the meaningful desire "BEST for the Future".

All the Best,

The Founding Team.

(c) BEST
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