10 Things make BEST Special, Unique and favorably Co-operated

1. BEST has been founded to promote the development of Vietnamese enterprises and companies and is a not-for-profit organization. The aim and purpose of all Best members are to contribute significantly in advancing Vietnam's economy to a new position in the World Economy.


2. Best commits the leading quality of training and consulting services by the integrated reputation of distinguished lecturers, outstanding consultants, and top professionals, who have accumulated their own recorgnized reputations for years in the fields of business, entrepreneurship, management, and laws. 

3. Best adapts a synthezised approach (Knowledge - Skills - Experience), various teaching methods, and analysis from different aspects/perspectives. Best’s training and consulting programs thus equipt a successful application to adapt practically to companies, businesses, and organizations.

4. Best applies "The East meets the West" Concept, selecting and combining the advanced management from the East and from the West in Best's programs. The cooperation between Best and leading partners and institutions in Vietnam and many countries provides breakthrough methods and advanced approaches to apply successfully in the practice of management.

5. Best's members - Vietnamese and international lecturers as well as experts - have experienced in working in different cultures. Together, Best's members speaks Vietnamese, English, Russian, German, French, Japanese.

6. Lecturers and professionals have provided training and consulting to more than 100 companies and corporations as well as thousands of audience across Vietnam, from the North to the South.

7. Best operates in main areas: Corporate Training, Management and Softskills Training, Business and Management Consulting, Training and Consulting in Entrepreneurship,  Recruitment Services, Business Connects, International Study Tour and Event Organization.

8. Best builts up Centers: Best Training Center (BTC for Corporate Training), Best International Center (BIC for International Study and Projects, Business Connects), Best Consulting Center (BCC for Consulting), Best Entrepreneurship Center (BEC for Start-ups and Entrepreneurship), Best Job Center (BJC for Recruitment Services), and Best Media Center (BMC for Media Concerns, in plan).

9. Best's members are integrated to build up an organizational culture, emphasizing on six distinctions:  Democracy - Creativity, Cooperation - Trust, Reputation - Development. Best intends to add two more, i-Network - International to reflect the members' new advances.

10. Best initiates "One trained, more People happy’’ (Một người học, nhiều người vui) Program to participate actively in Social Responsibility and to help reducing unequality in Vietnam, socially. For every corporate training contract delivered, Best provides financial assistance from Best's fund to one class for children in less-developed areas in Vietnam.



Best for the Future!


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jeremiah corey
To the best.edu.vn administrator, Your posts are always well-supported and evidence-based.
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