Best Training Program


1. Corporate Training Program of Best Training Center (BTC)

- Leadership

- Decision Making Skills

- Problem-Solving Skills

- Leadership by Emotional Intelligence

- Motivation Creating Skills

- Management Skills

- Talents Management Skills

- Change Management Skills

- Teamwork Skills

- Conflict Resolution Skills

- Coaching Skills

- Work Assignment  and Evaluation Skills

- Communication Skills

- Presentation Skills

- Event Management Skills

- Negotiation Skills

- Business Negotiation Skills

- Recruitment Negotiation Skills

- International  Business Negotiation Skills

- Consultancy Skills

- Persuading Skills

- Customer Service

- Sales Skills

* Best supports and provides Consultancy, Design Training Programs for foreign and domestic enterprises, companies and corporations.

***Professional training program ***

- Negotiations

- Communication Skills

- Start-up business

- Business Management

- Business Strategy

- Effectiveness Management

- Recruitment

- Human Resource Management

* Best and prestigious organizations award certificates

2. Training Program in USA of Best International Center (BIC)

* For the domestic firms

- To negotiate and communicate with  American / European / Asian partner

- Leadership in the XXI century

- Study Tour

- Develop a business plan that attracts partners from the U.S., Western Europe

- Business in the USA / Europe / Asia

- Provide consultancy

- Connecting international business partners


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serena ge
I am Serena Ge, China HR from Stanley Black&Decker Asia. There are some staff in Vietnam needing training, such as Communication and Presentation Skills. I want to know the price of those two trainings. Or any public training schedule you can provide?
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